My Services

Live Readings

 I offer live psychic readings by phone or Skype

I normally start with an amount of information that relates to your life right now so that you can assess for yourself my accuracy and get a feel for my communication and reading style. 

Following that, you will have the opportunity to ask me whatever questions you are looking for answers to, if they haven't already been addressed. 

Readings come in increments of 30 minutes for $100, 45 minutes for $150, or 60 minutes for $200.

 Full payment is expected before we begin the reading. 

1 or 2 Question REcorded REadings

 This is an audio recording.

It is my goal to have your recorded responses to your questions back to you within 48 hours or less. 

For a one question reading, send me your specific question to my e-mail ( I will do a 5 tarot card spread to find the answer for you and record what I get as I interpret the cards in an audio file.

A two question reading is essentially the same as a one question reading. You send me both of your specific questions to my e-mail ( I will do a 5 tarot card spread for each of those questions and record what I get onto one audio file for you. 

 Full payment is expected before we begin the reading. 

Distance Reiki Sessions

 I offer Reiki Treatment sessions to anyone who speaks English. Whether we can be together in the same room is not relevant to the effectiveness of these sessions at all. In most cases my clients are not close enough to come and see me for a session. This does not, however make the session any less effective as Spirit is not limited by time or by space. Sessions from a distance bring just as wonderful results as sessions in person.

Each session is an hour long. 

You can expect a Reiki Treatment Session from me to cost $93.00

 If you would like to get a discount on your sessions, I have package discounts available depending on what package size you purchase. Of course, larger the package, the bigger the discount.  

Reiki Candles Infused and Burned for you

 In order to give everyone the chance to have as much reiki as they would like to have, at a much more affordable rate, I did a lot of testing with people to see if burning reiki candles for them would be as effective as doing an actual session. I have found the candles to be greatly helpful to many under some particular circumstances. Most importantly, they seem be the most potent when I infuse them immediately before lighting them for the person. So that's what I do. I infuse the candle with reiki energy specifically for you and whatever the intention is that you would like the reiki to help you with. I light the candle immediately, send a picture of your candle to you so that you know the energy is working effectively for you at that time. The candles are very effective, and because I am not taking the time to call you afterwards, or taking the time to sit still and send the reiki personally, as I would in a normal session, I can afford to charge much less for the candles then for a session. One candle is $5.00 US, But if you want a discount, I do offer discounts when you purchase candles to be lit for you in multiples. When you make your purchase, you should contact me first to let me know what you want the reiki to help you with and to let me know how often you will need a candle lit for that intention. All my contact information is in the section on this page that is labeled "Contact Me Directly" or you can use the "Contact Me" page on this site. 

Reading for Parties and Special Events

I customize those for each group and what benefits that group the most. Contact me with what sort of ideas you have in mind and we can go from there to plan for your event. 

Prices for these depend on the time and travel involved.

Psychic Parties

Would you like to find out if you and your friends have any psychic abilities?

These parties are a lot of fun, and a real eye opener for those who don't believe that they have any psychic abilities at all.  (Here is a hint, psychic is just another word for spirit, and since we each are all spirits having a human experience, we all have SOME psychic abilities.) Prepare to amaze yourself and to watch your friends be amazed by themselves!! This is just the type of thing that people remember and talk about for years. It's such a great experience!

Prices for these depend on the time and travel involved.

Property Clearings

Is your home or business on the market but doesn’t seem to be getting much interest?

Do you find yourself avoiding spending time in your home or business?

Are there certain rooms or areas of your home that don’t seem as pleasant to you as the rest of the building?

Sometimes things have happened in the spaces in which we work or live, that leaves an energetic residue behind. Even though most of us can’t actually see this residue, it effects how we feel whenever we are in this space.

Clearing the space of any stagnant or negative residue or energetic entities brings a much brighter, lighter, happier and more welcoming feel to those areas again.

When this is accomplished in the workplace, morale goes up, and productivity follows, and the business space seems more appealing to potential buyers as well.

Similar results are seen when a clearing is accomplished in the home.

You and your family are happier to be in the home, and happier while you are there.

And of course, anyone seeing the home for the first time, walks away with a better impression of it than they would have had prior to a clearing.

If you are in the process of selling your home, this will increase the interest in your home by potential buyers.

For Clearings done in the Audrain County, Missouri, you should expect to pay $300.00 assuming the clearing itself doesn't take more than the typical half an hour of my time. 

(Clearings done outside of Audrain County, Missouri will have additional travel fees associated with the cost of the clearing. Contact me for more details.)

Contact Me Directly

 Call or text: 720-980-3550


Find me on Skype as amista.bennett


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