In order to give everyone the chance to have as much reiki as they would like to have, at a much more affordable rate, I did a lot of testing with people to see if burning reiki candles for them would be as effective as doing an actual session. I have found the candles to be greatly helpful to many under some particular circumstances. Most importantly, they seem be the most potent when I infuse them immediately before lighting them for the person. So that's what I do.

I infuse the candle with reiki energy specifically for you and whatever the intention is that you would like the reiki to help you with. I light the candle immediately, send a picture of your candle to you so that you know the energy is working effectively for you at that time. The candles are very effective, and because I am not taking the time to call you afterwards, or taking the time to sit still and send the reiki personally, as I would in a normal session, I can afford to charge much less for the candles then for a session.  When you make your purchase, you should contact me first to let me know what you want the reiki to help you with.

 To talk to me about candles,  call, text or whatsapp me. Phone number is 720-980-3550.  You can also reach me via Skype. My ID there is Amista.Bennett Or, if you prefer, you can email me at  

1 Reiki Candle Infused and Lit
USD $ 5.00