I offer Reiki Treatment sessions to anyone who speaks English.

Whether we can be together in the same room is not relevant to the effectiveness of these sessions at all. In most cases my clients are not close enough to come and see me for a session. This does not, however make the session any less effective as Spirit is not limited by time or by space. Sessions from a distance bring just as wonderful results as sessions in person.

Each session is an hour long. 

You can expect a Reiki Treatment Session from me to cost $112.00

 If you would like to get a discount on your sessions, I have package discounts available depending on what package size you purchase. Of course, larger the package, the bigger the discount.  

 To schedule your reiki,  call, text or whatsapp me. Phone number is 720-980-3550.  You can also reach me via Skype. My ID there is Amista.Bennett Or, if you prefer, you can email me at amista333@yahoo.com   

Distance Reiki Session
USD $ 112.00