This is a series of five sessions of personal, one on one mentoring to help you explore or develop your own psychic or intuitive abilities. Each session is 20 minutes long.

These are to help people to understand, harness and further their own psychic or intuitive abilities. Great for people who are just wondering if they have  abilities and those who are just starting to realize that they do, but have lot's of questions about what's really going on. A

lso great for those further along in their abilities as well, to help you to develop them even more. 

These sessions will occur either on the telephone or on Skype, whichever you prefer. 

Full payment is expected before we begin the series of sessions. 

To schedule the first session, call or text me if you are in the US. Phone number is 720-980-3550. Outside the US, you can reach me via Skype. My ID there is amista.bennett
Or, if you prefer, you can email me at

Five Psychic Mentoring Sessions
USD $ 205.00 USD $ 250.00