Would you like to find out if you and your friends have any psychic abilities?

These workshops are a lot of fun, and a real eye opener for those who don't believe that they have any psychic abilities at all.  (Here is a hint, psychic is just another word for spirit, and since we each are all spirits having a human experience, we all have SOME psychic abilities.) Prepare to amaze yourself and to watch your friends be amazed by themselves!! This is just the type of thing that people remember and talk about for years. It's such a great experience!

Prices for these depend on the time and travel involved.

 To schedule a psychic workshop for yourself and your friends,  call, text or whatsapp me. Phone number is 720-980-3550.  You can also reach me via Skype. My ID there is Amista.Bennett Or, if you prefer, you can email me at amista333@yahoo.com  

Psychic Workshops
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