Home & Business Clearings

Do you find yourself avoiding spending time in your home or business?​
Are there certain rooms or areas of your home or business that don’t seem as pleasant to you as the rest of the building?
​ Is your home or business on the market but doesn’t seem to be getting much interest?
Sometimes things have happened in the spaces in which we work or live, that leaves an energetic residue behind. Even though most of us can’t actually see this residue, it effects how we feel whenever we are in this space.​ Clearing the space of any stagnant or negative residue or energetic entities brings a much brighter, lighter, happier and more welcoming feel to those areas again.​
When this is accomplished in the workplace, morale goes up, and productivity follows, and the business space seems more appealing to potential clients as well.​
Similar results are seen when a clearing is accomplished in the home.
You and your family are happier to be in the home, and happier while you are there. And of course, anyone seeing the home for the first time, walks away with a better impression of it than they would have had prior to a clearing.
If you are in the process of selling your home, this will increase the interest in your home by potential buyers.
For Clearings done in the Lakewood, Colorado city limits you should expect to pay $300.00 assuming the clearing itself doesn't take more than the typical half an hour of my time. ​
(Clearings done outside of Lakewood Colorado city limits will have additional travel fees associated with the cost of the clearing. Contact me for more details.)

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