Psychic Mentoring Session or
Psychic Mentoring Session Package

Each of these 20-minute sessions of personal, one on one, customized just for you, mentoring to help you explore or develop your own psychic or intuitive abilities.
This is to help people to explore, understand, harness, and further their own psychic or intuitive abilities.
This is great for people who are just wondering if they have abilities or who are just starting to realize that they do but have lot's of questions about what's really going on. However it's also great for those further along in their abilities as well, to help you to develop them more fully.
These sessions occur either on the telephone or online, whichever you prefer.
If you know that you are going to want more than one session, I do offer you the opportunity to purchase 5 sessions for barely more than the cost of 4 of them.
Prepayment is expected for all of my services.
To schedule a session, or a package of sessions, call , text or Whatsapp me directly at 1-720-980-3550 or email me at [email protected]

Psychic Mentoring Session


5 Psychic Mentoring Sessions