Recorded Psychic Tarot Readings

One Question or Two Question Recorded reading.
These readings are in the form of an audio recording.
It is my goal to have your recorded responses to your questions back to you within 48 hours or less.
For a one question reading, after sending payment, send me your specific question to my e-mail ([email protected]). I will do a 5 tarot card spread to find the answer for you and record what I get as I interpret the cards psychically out loud for you in an audio file.
If you order a 2 question reading, the whole process is the same except that I look at 2 questions for you, 5 tarot cards per question. 
Then I'll upload the audio file to my drive so I can email you a link to it. Once you receive the link in your email, you'll be able to download your recording and listen to it, as many times as you want, at your convenience.

1 Question Reading


2 Question Reading