Reiki Session or Reiki Session Packages

I offer Reiki Treatment sessions to anyone who speaks English.
Whether we can be together in the same room is not relevant to the effectiveness of these sessions at all. In most cases my clients are not close enough to come and see me for a session. This does not, however make the session any less effective as Reiki is not limited by time or by space. Sessions from a distance bring just as wonderful results as sessions in person.
Each session is an hour long.
All of my services require prepayment.
Contact me directly for scheduling.
Phone, Text, or WhatsApp number is 1-720-980-3550.
E-mail is [email protected]

If you already know that you want more than one session, I have discounts available when you buy reiki sessions by the pack.

(These packages only apply to sessions at a distance, not in person.)

10% discount on a pack of 5 or more
15% discount on a pack of 10 or more
20% discount on a pack of 15 or more
25% discount on a pack of 20 or more

Reiki Session at a Distance


Reiki Session In Person


5 Reiki Sessions at a Distance


10 Reiki Sessions at a Distance


15 Reiki Sessions at a Distance


20 Reiki Sessions at a Distance


Reiki Candles

In order to give everyone the chance to have as much reiki as they would like to have, at a much more affordable rate, I did a lot of testing with people to see if burning reiki candles for them would be as effective as doing an actual session.
What I  found in that testing phase, is that the candles to be greatly helpful to many under some particular circumstances. Most importantly, they seem be the most potent when I infuse them immediately before lighting them for the person. So that's what I do. I infuse the candle with reiki energy specifically for you and whatever the intention is that you would like the reiki to help you with. I light the candle immediately, send a picture of your candle to you so that you know the energy is working effectively for you at that time.
The candles are very effective, and because I am not taking the time to call you afterwards, or taking the time to sit still and send the reiki personally, as I would in a normal session, I can afford to charge much less for the candles then for a session. When you make your purchase, you should contact me first to let me know what you want the reiki to help you with. To talk to me about candles, call, text or Whatsapp me at 1-720-980-3550.  If you prefer, you can email me at [email protected]

As if the price on these candles isn't low enough to pay for Reiki to be sent to you, I offer discounts to those of you who already know that you are going to want to have more than one candle lit for you. These candles can be scheduled to be lit for you at whatever rate works best for you. Most clients have me light one for them every day. Once in a while someone only wants them every other day or third day. It really comes down to what works for you. 

7 candles or more have a 50cent discount per candle
28 candles or more have a $1 discount per candle

1 Reiki Candle Infused & Lit for You


7 Reiki Candles Infused & Lit for You


28 Reiki Candles Infused & Lit for You


Certified Reiki Training

I've been a certified Reiki Master since 2017.
I offer Reiki classes occasionally, and sometimes I teach on an individual basis as well, when that is appropriate. 
If you would like to be notified the next time I begin a Reiki level I or a Reiki level II class, or you think you would like to be individually taught, shoot me an e-mail so that we can talk about pricing and what scheduling would look like for your personal situation.
The email address to use for this is [email protected]